Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Is Sand

Ever see one of those bottles of colored sand in a store while on vacation?  Or even one of those cocoa mixes that someone has packed as a gift?  Imagine your computer screen being one of those.  Now...not much educational value, but it could be useful for Art classes...or as stress relief for teachers.  You can choose your color, or create a gradient of colors so that each mouse click changes the color.

ThisisSand is probably one of my favorite websites for creating something.  I HIGHLY recommend you take a visit and just play around with it for a while.  Below is sample image from the gallery that someone created.  Just goes to show you how creative you can be.

Word of Caution - The gallery has some inappropriate creations, as well some inappropriate language for titles...please be advised of this before allowing students to use the website.