Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Extra - Twitter Tweecap

These past two weeks have been really busy and I was involved with a lot of things that kept me from routinely checking Twitter.  The one thing about Twitter is that if someone post something on Twitter, chances are it will be posted again later that day, or even later in the week.  That is why those that are new to Twitter shouldn't worry about always checking their account for fear of missing something.  Now on to the what I was able to get from Twitter.  Still some GREAT stuff.

1.) Artsonia - A Kids Art Museum.  You can purchase the Art as well.

2.) The Top Ten Educational Technology Advocacy Issues from ISTE - This is what we should all be sharing with our politicians and Boards.  Also from ISTE, six strategies to connect educational technology integration to School Improvement.

3.) If you have not seen The Nerdy Teacher Blog, you need to.  He has been doing some great post about what he has learned about technology integration from quotes in movies.  Always a great read!

4.) 6 Technologies That Will Shape Education

5.) 100 Sites to Download All Sorts of Things

6.) An A-Z Toolkit for Education

7.) 200+ Articles about using Twitter for Social Media

8.) Examples of School Docs and Sites in Libraries - Pretty good list.

9.) 5 Trends in Educational Technology Leadership - For all of us hoping to work as a CIO some day, rather nice list.

10.) Great list of resources for Student Teachers.

11.) Find songs that meet your mood - Stereomood

12.) Oh how Seniority and Tenure is changing...Education is in a major change right now.  Article

13.) How to delete Facebook Applications and why you should

14.) Screen-cast of the VocabAhead website where vocabulary is made into videos.

15.) 50 Sites in 60 Minutes

16.) Social Networking For Teachers Wiki

17.) Twelve Free Tools from Microsoft

18.) For fun - Great scenes from movies and videos with Lego figures and stop motion photography.

19.) From the Educators Royal Treatment - Experience is Always the Best Teacher

20.) Colorado's Plan for Teacher Evaluation - Article

21.) Building Schoolwide Literacy in the Elementary Classrooms Using Web 2.0

Hope you find something useful or entertaining.  Teaching should always be fun, and sometimes, that means playing with the great sites we are sharing with our students.