Friday, January 27, 2012


Mind42 (Mind For Two) is a website for creating mind maps and also provides the ability to work on them collaboratively for free.  You can attach notes to the mind maps as well.  You can also include images and links to outside websites as well.  There is also a section where you can browse published mind maps and see what other people have done, how they have done them to "steal" ideas, and then possibly find one that you can use.  If looking to complete mind maps or graphic organizers, Mind42 seems like a reasonable option.  I wish I would have thought about this site when doing something related to How a Bill Becomes a Law.


Spaaze is a virtual cork-board that allows you to easily collect, organize, and share information on an infinite space.  The site reminds me of Wallwisher in many ways, but it is different because it is not completely free.  You get up to 99 "points" for a free account and the points are deducted based on what you do with your cork-board.  For example, creating multiple boards and uploading files will take away some of your free points and you can pay for more points.  It is just $1.49 for 100 points in case you decide this is a site you want to use.  There is also a subscription that is $3.00 a month.  All items on a cork-board are free, so you don't lose points that way.  So 99 is actually a lot of "Spaaze Points."  You can learn more about the pricing HERE.

On the main page, you can see various demos that take you to an interactive version of various cork-boards that would be worth looking at.  Here is a short informational video that someone created below.  Spaaze also works on the iPad and there is a video that shares how that works as well.


Kicksend is a website for easily managing, sending, and receiving large files and groups of files.  The service will download and organize your files for easy usage.  There is no requirement to sign up to receive files.  Desktop applications allow you to easily send large batches of files.  There is also an iPhone app as well which lets you send photos and videos to any of your contacts.  A great additional feature is the ability to chat about the files you are sending in real time with other users.  Give it a try if this is something that you find yourself needing to use. is a simple online back channel web software that allows users to easily communicate on the web.  Every visitor is provided a code to share with people they want to chat with.  If someone has given you a code, you just type it in and access the chat area.  It is very similar to other back channel services out there.  Users can type in their name and if necessary a file can be uploaded to share with others involved in the chat.  If required you can have a log of the chat emailed as well.