Monday, January 21, 2013

Turn Google Search into an App Search

I think that I have finally made the change over to Google Chrome as my browser of choice.  I truly had not become aware of the ability to use the apps available within the browser and how easily it makes it to connect to outside apps that I find myself using all the time (Evernote, Reader, Blogger, etc).  While doing a Google Search I discovered/noticed an option for "Applications" within the options where you can select Images, Maps, Shopping, etc.

By clicking on the Application link users will be provided applications related to their search.  You will be able to find apps for iTunes, Google Play, and Google Chrome.  This could help if looking for tools for productivity or organization.  It could also help if looking for reference tools and other information.

My School Notebook

I recently did a post with 10 Apps for Students to Take Notes and after typing that came across My School Notebook which is a Google Chrome App and an independent app that students can use to help organize and keep their notes on the web.  Students can also use the service on both Android devices and Apple devices.  To use the service, students can log in by connecting to Facebook or create an account with an email and password.  What makes this service even better is the ability to use the service offline.

Like most tools, the collaboration and sharing options make it a usable tool for students who are absent or maybe need more assistance in learning how to take notes.  There is also a drawing feature that allows for notes in classes that require diagrams or other types of illustrations.  Students can create different notebooks for different subjects making organization easier.  To learn more about the functions of My School Notebook, CLICK HERE.

Formula Sheet - For Math Teachers

For math teachers and the growing use of technology it can often be hard to locate, create, save, edit, and use various math formulas on various web 2.0 tools and other software available to teachers.  Formula Sheet aims to make it easier for math teachers to find, share, store, and use math formulas.  Users can search the site and Wikipedia for formulas and then get an image or copy the formula to LaTeX or MS Word version greater than 2007.  Users can create an upload a LaTeX file with a single click or create formulas using an editor and then provide a title, description, and tags to each formula.  

All the formulas will live in the cloud and be accessible from any computer.  The formulas can be organized into lists or combined with texts and diagrams to create sheets.  Formulas can be shared with other users, the entire web, and with students and other educators.  Formulas can then be customized to various formats as well.  

If you are a math teacher and users of technology, Formula Sheet is probably worth an examination and I would like to hear in a comment if you see this as a valuable tool in your classroom.