Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Twitter Tuesday #4 - Twitter Tools Top 10.

You would think that just be able to use Twitter and software like Tweetdeck would be enough to meet your needs as an Tweeter.  But let me tell you, those only scratch the surface of tools that you can use for Twitter.  I wonder if I will ever run out of tools to post here weekly...sooner or later it will have to be information from Tweets I receive.  For this week I thought I would create a Twitter Tools and Applications Top 10 that I find useful and entertaining.  These are in no particular order.

1.) 140 Twitter Tips - A Slideshow Presentation with Tweets suggesting ways to improve your Tweeting experience and Twitter Marketing Tips.  How could you become a better Tweeter?  How could you adapt these suggestions for education?

2. ) CalTweet - A tool for online promotion of your events via Twitter.  Would be a good way to share events in your classroom or school as well.  You can print a guest list and have RSVP's emailed to you.  It seems more social, but it could be worth investigating to see if it can serve an educational purpose for you, your students and school.

3.) Friend or Follow - A great way to check who you are following that is not following you back or who is following you that you are not following back.  Interesting look at your Twitter friends and followers.

4.) TweetStats - A Great way to discover your life as a Tweeter.  Tweets per hour, day, month, as well as a Twitter Timeline.  You also can get Reply statistics.  You can also get your Tweet Density so you can see when you are Tweeting the most.  It will also provide a Tweet Cloud and Hashtag could.  Interesting information.

5.) Twibbon - A great way to get someone to follow a cause on Twitter.  Raising funds for a student or a school project?  Want to get the word out about a community service project?  Twibbon might be a great source for your school or classroom.

6.) TweetBeep - Receive Twitter Alerts via Email.  Might be a great way for you to monitor a school or classroom account to ensure no inapporpriate information is baing shread on your school or classroom Twitter account.  Think of it as Google Alerts for Twitter.

7.) Trendistic - See trends on Twitter and even check for trends of your Twitter Account.  Check trends to certain websites, categories, or people.  Here is the trends for Twitter post of "Tablet"

8.) Twitt(url)y - Tracks URL's shared on Twitter.  Lets you know the most popular links and stories for the day.  Are you RTing any of these?

9.) Sniff Sniff....want to know when you have been Unfollowed?  Qwitter can tell you that.

10.) Twitter Analyzer - A very through analyitic tool for your Twitter Account.  Probably the best that you will find on the Web.