Friday, May 27, 2011

Even More Prezi Updates

In case you have never read this blog, I am a huge fan of Prezi.  I remember using it when it first came out and thought it was neat, but lacked a user interface that made sense and thought it was to difficult to use.  Throughout the past two years though, Prezi has worked hard at improving their product.  They have actually listened to their customers.

Some of the recent updates are:
1.) The Zebra tool got a new look.  You can click a + or - size to increase font size or drag the zoom in and out feature to the size you need.
2.) Resizing of frames has also improved.  It used to be one directional, but now you can resize the frames to meet your needs.
3.) Mentioned in another post, you can now bend lines as well.
4.) There is also a supplemental menu when you right click in your Prezi now.
5.) Line Snapping allows you to make sure that your line is at the right angle or not...especially horizontal. 

For more information and to see the changes in action, see the video below

Strike - Create and "Knockdown" List

Strike is a simple To Do Application where users can create a list and then as they get items done on the list "strike" them out...or knock them down.  It is as simple as giving your list a name, adding things to the list and then marking them out, moving to the bottom or removing completely.  To remove an item from the list you can check the box or click and drag it to the left or right of your list.  You can also choose from various backgrounds and easily reorder your list if necessary.  Each list has its own URL so you can share it with other users.  You can also easily print your list if necessary. 

I could see this application being used by students who are collaborating in a group.  As each task gets done, the students would Strike them off the list.  It would really help students learn organizational skills and provide a way to ensure that all the task for the project get done.