Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wiki Wednesday #6 - Voicethread 4 Education

My experience with using Voicethread is very limited.  In fact I have not had the pleasure of using the software at all, although I have heard a lot of wonderful things about it.  While looking around some Wiki's, I came across Voicethread 4 Education.  It greatly improved my knowledge about what Voicethread is and how it works.

What I like about this wiki is its organization.  Very often you will find Wikis (since it is visitor submissions) that are scattered and hard to follow.  This Wiki is well maintained and has an easy to follow set up without many distractions.  First thing of interest is the Classroom Partner option.  A chart with other educators using Voicethread so that you can learn from each other.  A Voicethread PLN.

Want to include your own Voicethread, the creator Colette Cassinelli (Who is available to follow on Twitter) has done a great job of explaining the process for adding Voicethreads.  Another way to help keep the Wiki organized.  Another great organized feature is the sidebar.  You can find samples and resources organized by grade level.  Within the pages are both links to Voicethreads as well as embeded Voicethreads.  There are also sections related to Administration, college, library, Special Education, ESL/ELL/EFL.

A very important page to visit will be Best Practices.  A great way to learn about how to use Voicethread.  This is the page that I visited first.  Lesson ideas and a presentation with ways to use Voicethread in the classroom.  Voicethread is free and educator accounts are encouraged if going to use the software.  You can get more information about Ed.Voicethread on the Resources Page.

Let this Wiki be your home page for Voicethread information.