Sunday, January 20, 2013

Share Your Classroom with Classroom Blueprint

Classroom Blueprint is a network and community for teachers to join and share images, layouts, and designs for their classrooms.  Through this community teachers can gather ideas for how other teachers have their classroom organized and set up.  There are currently not very many high school classrooms available, so I would definitely point elementary and middle school teachers to this site first and foremost.  However, if you are a high school teacher and feel that you have a classroom blueprint worthy of sharing with the world, why not get started.

I encourage you to take some pictures of your classroom and get started in sharing how your classroom is an educational playground and positive learning environment for your students.  On the main page are featured classrooms and would be a good starting point for teachers to see the classrooms recognized by the community.  

Turn Your Phone into a Presentation Remote

If you are a user of Chrome or Safari as your web browser and use presentation software such as SlideShare, Google Docs Presentation, or PowerPoint, then you have the ability, through a Chrome Web store App and a Phone App to turn your phone into a presentation remote.  You can see the presentation below and visit Presentation Remote for more information.

In order for the service to work you would need to download the free app de Modo for either Android devices or iPhone Devices.  What is cool is that this same app will work with Pandora Radio and with YouTube where you can turn your phone into a remote control for YouTube.  In another way through this app your phone can serve as a monitor extension as well and the ability to drag and drop from your phone to your computer, just as if you had a secondary monitor.

I am not quite an avid user of Google Chrome over Firefox, not really sure why, but it appears that the apps available for Chrome might make it worth a switch.  This is just one example.