Sunday, March 7, 2010

Twitter Tweecap - Another Edition

Before I begin, I want to start out by congratulating my Louisville Cardinals basketball team for proudly closing out Freedom Hall with a big win over Syracuse on Saturday.  It was a perfect birthday present to witness a moment of history in college basketball.  Now on to the Tweets from the past week.

1.) The past week saw massive hysteria when Wordle was shut down for a while this past Sunday.  Word spread throughout the Twitterverse and my PLN.  Here is a blog post detailing the value of PLN's and their ability to work wonders for the Internet as well as education.  Or this Blog Post

2.) SAT, ACT, GRE, and Vocabulary Flashcards and Videos. VocabAhead

3.) Helpful Blog Post about Tips for New Integrators.  I realized how many of those I had done upon starting my new job as well.

4.) From Vanessa Cassie - Blog Post with a video for those of us that are new to SMART Notebook.

5.) From Free Technology for Teachers - A website, PostLearn, for searching jobs in education as well as posting some of your own.  There is a fee, but still worth searching for jobs in your area.

6.) From the Nerdy Teacher and his Blog, a great set of Prezi presentations about The Great Gatsby.  Something all English teachers are teaching.

7.) Article - Twitter Encourages Networking Among Educators. A great look at #edchat.  And How Twitter in the Classroom is Boosting Student Engagement.

8.) Web 2.0-21st Century Education Tools - a Great Wiki...look for more on it on Wednesday, if I have time while at KySTE.

9.) Streamlining Teaching with Google Apps - My school does not really use Google Apps, but everything I hear is good.  Helpful resource for learning how to use Google Apps in Education.

10.) Interesting Wiki - 10 Big Questions For Education - Share your thoughts and views.  Looks like another great Wiki Wednesday Post in the works!

11.) 100 Alternatives to Book Reports.

12.) A Great Letter To Obama on Education - Maybe as educators we should write a blog post with a Letter to the President.

13.) From NPR - Teachers Feel Ignored in Education Debate - Really?  Geez, has this ever NOT been the case?

14.) Make a Virtual Snowflake - Kind of neat!

15.) From Angela Maiers - 21st Century Teachers Video.

16.) Footnote - A home of Primary Documents - Great Resource for History.

17.) Members of Education who are on Twitter.

18.) Popular Science - Browse all the Archive

19.) Another Wiki - NewToolsWorkshop - Great Resource sharing new tools for education.  Open page is a Glog.

20.) Stickr - Make sticky notes on the web.