Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Focus #4 - Blogs You Should Focus Your Attention On

Since I started blogging and joined Twitter I have come across numerous blogs, many of which I have already posted about in the past couple months.  Today though I want to provide some links to Blogs that I subscribed too.  Some are new, some are old; so here is a chance for you to start your own discovery and focus your attention on some blogs that offer great opinions, ideas, resources, suggestions, and the occasional asking for assistance.  These are in no particular order.

Teachers as Technology Trailblazers - Created and updated by Kristen Swanson. - Started in July of 2009.  Offers Links and resources for edicational technology.

Educational Technology Guy - Created and updated by David Andrade - A good mix of resources, thoughts, ideas, and the occasional humor.  Liked the post about College supplies in the 80's and today.

Teach Paperless - Nominated for some edublogs and great discussion topics related to 21st Century education.  Shelly Blake-Plock has been posting since February of 2009.

School Principal Blog - Great blog by Deron Durflinger with perspectives from a secondary school principal.

The Techno Tiger - Fairly new to the Blogging landscape, but you can tell her interest in blogging is really taking off.  Started Blog in November and finished 2009 with 3 post.  In January alone she has 13...definately increasing her posting.  Provides great personal thoughts on technology, blogging and education.  Her views relating to the 30 Goals Challenge (More on this Blogger Monday) are great and possibly give you some ideas as well.

Edurati - Where Policy Meets Pedagogy - A great blog discussing all things education...not necessarily technology related.

Learning With E's - Been Nominated for Edublogs Awards the past two years.  Offers some great resources and thoughts about ELearning and Distance Education, as well as a focus on the growth of 21st Century Education.

EdTechSwami - A great read for all things education and many things technology.  Enjoyed the recent post of the students letter about blocking websites....very true.  EdTechSwami is the creation of Christopher Rogers

EdTechSandyK - Recent post is asking for ideas about an IPod/MP3/Pdocasting Initiative.  Do you have any?  Let her know.  You can also follow on Twitter.

Learning is Life - A great blog with daily tales about teaching and education.  A very creatice approach by Russ Goerend to blogging about life as a teacher.

iLearn Technology -  A great blog by Kelly Tenkely who was nominated and won an Edublog Award.  A recent post had the idea of starting a Blogging Alliance.  Great idea and I joined.  Definately worth visiting.

ITEACH - Web 2.0 in Language and Composition.  Great resources and great stories from Andrew Marcinek about teaching and technology.  Also received a nomination for Best New Blog

Digital Natives in the Classroom - A blog maintained by Jason Suter and a new Blogger, but a motivated one.  Great ideas and great "Ah Ha" moments posted to his blog.  A teacher who is definately seeing the impacts of technology integration and is sharing his experiences with all of us.

Technology Chatter - A great blog that offers a lot of resources for technology integration and a Wiki related to SmartBoard Resources.  A most recent post surveyed her PLN to discover the impact it had on them.  Very interesting Blog by Dodie Ainslie

Social Tech - This is the Beta Generation - A great read by Josie Fraser that has a lot to do with Ditigal Citizenship and Digital Literacy.  Great post and great reads.  Highly recommend for getting a dose of thought provoking ideas.

Technology - A great blog by Melissa Edwards.  Very helpful to me in providing resoources for the New FLIP Camera that I purchased.  Lots of great resources shared from personal experiences and searches on the Internet to assist teachers.

Well, there are 16.  If this list was not enough Check out the Best 100 Education Blogs of 2009 or the List of the Top 200 Education Blogs

Take this opportunity and focus your attention on these Bloggers.  Comment on them, follow them, subscribe to them...but whatever you do, enjoy and share them!