Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Extra #5 - Twitter Tweecap

Another we has gone by, and so has another month.  Hard to believe it is already March.  Maybe it is just me, but years have seemed to go a lot faster once I started teaching.  Could be because I look at the calendar differently than those not in the education profession.  After being away, time for another addition of what I received from my PLN on Twitter.

1.) 100 Video Sites Every Educator Should Bookmark. - Great list. Some sites I have been to, others I have not.  Definitely worth bookmarking.

2.) From the iLearn Technology Blog (A blog Elementary teachers MUST follow and/or subscribe too) - Online Audio Stories - A must for elementary educators.  A great way to read and listen to stories.

3.) Great research report on Millennials.  Also a quiz available to determine how millennial you are.

4.) 1:1 Laptop program lesson plans - Great Resource.  Don't need laptops to adjust to your school if you don't have Laptops.

5.) IndispensibleTools - A Wiki of ICT websites.

6.) 100 Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom - Great List.  No excuse not to use Twitter now!

7.) The Complexity of the U.S. Tax System - Interesting graphic.  Great for a discussion on Economics.

8.) An interesting blog post about busting myths about the use of Mobile devices.

9.) From the Edge 21: Catch of the Day Blog:  Note-A-Lator is a great resource for Music Teachers.

10.) From the Educational Technology Guy Blog - Classroom Chuckles, a website where all us educators can get a good laugh.

11.) Great video with Stats on the State of the Internet

12.) Who is the Best Teacher you Ever Had?  Article from the Washington Post where students and even adults can talk about their best teacher.

13.) From the Not All Flowers and Sausages Blog - An interesting Blog Post about the teachers being fired in Rhode Island.  Not that I agree with everything in the post, or its presentation, I am always open to opinions.

14.) Top Ten Issues in Math Education - Blog Post...Great read for all teachers, not just Math Teachers.

15.) From Larry Ferlazzo's Blog - Teacher Attire...what do you think?

16.) From ISTE, a great list of Web 2.0 Tools.

17.) The Movie Hatch - Tell Hollywood what movies you want to see.

18.) Ages of Social Network Users - Interesting...............

19.) Which works better, training a teacher or a plumber?  Interesting Blog Post.

20.) iPhone Education Apps by subjects and Grade Level - Great Resource!

21.) From Teachers as Technology Trailblazer's, an iPhone App for Special Education.

22.) 23 Things to increase knowledge about Learning 2.0 that teachers can follow.  What a GREAT idea!!!

23.) Internet Safety Resources from Simple K12

24.) Defining Phrases - English Website useful to students.  Great tool for ACT preparation.

25.) Technology Solutions on a Budget.

26.) Zotero - A great way to organize, sort, and site resources from the Internet.

27.) A great list of Teaching Strategies.

Quite a list...but after Two weeks, this is quite a lot.  I also included some articles from Twitter on my Articles Page.