Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekly Core Subject Resources

- From NBC Learn, the Science of the NFL.  This site contains videos that help explain the science of football.  This would be a great way to increase interest in science for several students in your classroom.  You can also visit Lessonopoly for teacher resources to go along with the videos.  The final video will be posted this Friday.

Social Studies
- From National Geographic here is a great resource for the Underground Railroad where you get to experience the journey as a slave.  Another great resource is the History Lab.  This site is a homepage for teachers to learn from other teachers how students are learning social studies through the use of digital tools.  You can search by subject matter and by digital tool. 

-Want to help students become faster readers and increase the words per minute that they are able to read?  ZAP Reader does just that.  You can copy and paste text from a website and it will display them at a speed you determine to help you improve your reading speed.  See the video below for a better understanding.  Another great site is Citebite.  Students can copy and paste text into a text box.  Then copy and paste the URL.  When you click the Make Citebite, you get a link to the page and a highlight of the text.  Be a great way for students to cite information for a paper. 

- A Maths Dictionary for Kids is a great resource for learning common math terminology that students come across.  Search via Letter and then by term.  It provides the definition and examples for students.  Would be a great way to introduce a math vocabulary word each day. 

All Subjects
- 200 Free Movies Online - These are some of the classics by some well known producers and directors.  Some are also not as well known documentaries and Indies.