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Through Twitter I discover a ton of educational articles that I find interesting and are worth reading.  Any that I find will be shared here.  If any of these become dead links, please let me know so that I can remove them.  Thanks!!

Education Related Articles
1.) No More 12th Grade?? Interesting idea and article worth reading.
2.) Are unions blocking school reform? - Interesting take - Are Unions a good thing or bad thing.
3.) Here is an article in response to the teachers being fired at the school in Rhode Island...Part of me agrees, the other part of me disagrees. So much is right and wrong on so many levels!
4.) Why Not Fire All the Teachers - From the Washington Post
5.) Reinvent or Skip Senior Year  Here is an article in response to #1 above.
6.) TIME article about a Quick Fix for America's Worst Schools
7.) Getting Rid of Bad Teachers - From the New York Times.
8.) Report Shows Teachers Not Adequately Prepared for Education Reform - From THE Journal
9.) Many Nations Passing U.S. in Education, Expert Says - I think we have known this for a while.
10.) Education Reform 101 - A great look at a comparison of NCLB and RTTT
11.) Major Concerns About the President's Education Blue Print - From A Kentucky Paper
12.) Is Education on the Wrong Track? - Interesting view points
13.) To Close Achievement Gap, Schools Must Address Major Health Risk - Interesting view and one no so often discussed.
14.)  Bill Maher - New Rules, Let's Fire Parents, not Teachers - What alot of teachers really think. -
15.) Why We Must Fire Bad Teachers - From Newsweek
16.) Gates Foundation Survey - How 40,000 Teachers Would Fix America's Schools
17.) Don't Fire Them, Fire Them Up - Article on ways to fix schools without firing teachers.
18.) Tensions Flare over Race to the Top Applications - Fights are breaking out between Unions and Politicians over Reform to get money.
19.) Poor Teacher May Hamper Good Students - Really?  They had to research this?
20.) Last Teacher In, Frist Teacher Out? - Schools are changing the way they let go of teachers during the latest budget cuts.
21.) Is Summer School the Key to Reform - NEW!!!
22.) Poor Teachers May Hamper Good Students - NEW!!!
23.) Teacher Merit PayNEW!!!
24.) Percentage of High Poverty School Rises - NEW!!!

Social Networking/Facebook/MySpace
1.) 1st Amendment and Free Speech - A Student's Tirade towards a teacher on Facebook was protected under the First Amendment...Thoughts?
2.) Teacher makes derogatory statements about students on Facebook - Seriously??
3.) Facebook Privacy Settings Everyone Should Know - Not really an article, more of a Blog Post. Definately worth reading, just based on the article above.
4.) Student Suspended for Facebook Post Criticizing Teacher - is where I stand, part of me thinks the school has a right to take action because if this person was not a school board employee, the comment never would have been made because the relationship never would have been created. The other part of me thinks, student was at home, and school has no rights there.
5.) Why Schools Should Learn to Online Services Rather Than Banning Them - One of those articles that will be a necessity in explaining why we need them in our classroom.
6.) Social Networking: A New Tool Allowed in the Classroom - From the Louisville, KY newspaper - hits close to home.
7.) Teachers Texting Students: Social Media Changing Student-Teacher Relationship - An article worth reading how teachers are "crossing over that line"
8.) Survey: More Americans Get Their Nes From the Internet Than from Newspaper and Radio- I did not
need an article to tell me that!
9.) Why Schools Should Stop Blocking Social Networking Sites - Interesting take on the idea.
10.) How to Delete Facebook Applications (And Why You Should) - I deleted all mine before reading this article.  I am glad that I did!
11.) 10 Reasons You Should Pay Attention to Social Media
12.) New Jersey Principal Asks Parents to Ban Facebook, Social Networking, and Text Messaging - NEW!!!
13.) Ten Reasons You Should Pay Attention to Social Media - NEW!!!
14.) Why Teachers Should Friend Students Online NEW!!!

1.) 5 Reasons Why Educators Should Network - Just the article I was looking for. Having trouble getting people to see the importance of a PLN, have them read this.
2.) Twitter Chats Encourage Networking in Education
3.) How Twitter in the Classroom is Boosting Student Engagement
4.) 200+ Articles for Using Twitter for Social Learning

Cell Phones in Education
1.) Teacher takes a picture of student sleeping and sends to parent...guess what the parent's reaction was???
2.) Sexting in America - an MTV News story - I watched it, and it appears to me that we need more common sense teaching in American Schools!!
3.) 1 in 3 Use Cell Phones for accessing News. Something I was just blogging about the other day.
4.) Cell Phones Have Much Potential in the Classroom

Educational Technology
1.) School used laptops to spy on home - Seriously??
2.) Technology Booming in North Dakota!
3.) West Michigan School District turns on WiFi and encourages use of Internet Gadgets.
4.) R2D2 - A Model for Using Technology in Education - Intended for Higher Education, but can still play a vital role in other levels of education.
5.) Six Technologies That Will Shape Education
6.) Ten Creative Ways to Use Screen Savers
7.) Five Trends in Educational Technology Leadership
8.) Six Strategies to Connect Educational Technology With School Improvement
9.) Top Ten Educational Technology Advocacy Issues

Higher Education
1.) Professor suspended for comments and statuses on Facebook.

General Technology
1.) The Internet in 1995, Why it will Fail- A GREAT READ!!!
2.) A History of Technology Media Scares - Awesome!
3.) A Day Without Media NEW!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this list- it is a great one. I plan on sharing them with my staff- I especially liked the 'Five Reasons why Educators should Network'. This is exactly what I have been trying to explain through PLN Development sessions. This article is good 'back-up' for me.
    I'm glad to know you have my back and supply me with great resources-
    thanks again,

  2. Thanks! I am looking at organizing them hopefully by subject so that they are easier to sort through. I did not realize how quickly I would be adding articles. Guess it is a busy time in education!!

  3. Teachers ... replace the word "No,..." with "So,..."
    See the change in your students response!