Thursday, December 31, 2009

SMS Text to Web Chat

While searching the Internet for articles related to educational technology I came across an article by a student through Web2.0 Classroom's Twitter post.  The student is arguing about trusting students to use the technology in the classroom.  There was also mention of cell phone use by students.

Cell phones are a problem for many schools and districts across the country.  Many schools are embracing the technology in their classrooms, others are completely banning cellphones in the classrooms.  Some schools are also semi embracing them (use in the hallways, but not in the classrooms, etc.

There are tons of arcticles about the impact of texting in education, a few are below:
Text Messaging is Transforming Education
Txting away ur education
OMG! Teachers say texting can be good for teens
Could Texting be Good for Students?

So in trying to embrace Texting in schools I searched the Internet, but with little success for a web 2.0 software that students could send an SMS text too and it would appear in a chat box, kind of like TodaysMeet does.  Could we create an SMS texting software on the Internet that students could send a text too in class as part of a discussion?  It would be a great way for students who normally are quiet to get involved in the conversation.  Not every classroom has access to laptops or computers, but many students have access to cell I guess the question than becomes....

If you can't beat 'em, Join 'em?

What are your thoughts?  Please share below.