Wednesday, November 10, 2010 is a site that allows user to create easy to read and use booklets.  All the features can be inserted using simple drag and drop features and can then be shared in several different ways.  They can also be embedded onto a web page.  These would be a great tool to use for students and teachers to advertise their club, athletic team, or even the school.  A lot of schools create information brochures to share with new students, this would be a potential option to do that digitally.

What is really great, is that the site requires no sign up.  Visit and click the create button to get started.  If you choose to sign up you get to save your work.  The negative of the free account will be the advertising.  You can choose from various backgrounds and styles.  They can be any size that you need.  You can embed video, audio, and links within your Simple Booklet.

These make great digital advertisements, but can be used in various ways in the classroom.  Have students create booklets that explain math problems, or tell about a historical figure.  Students could also create one explaining the steps and results of a science experiments.  English teachers could have students create booklets about the books that they read in class.  Foreign language students could create booklets in the language they are studying.  Geography students could create booklets about countries.  The ideas are endless. provides another digital tool for students to create using content from your class.