Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bounce - Collaborate on a Website

Bounce is a fun an easy way to share ideas on a website.  You provide a URL to a website and then it will grab a screen-shot of the website.  From there you can then click and drag to create a textbox around an area that you want to take notes about.  You can provide a title for the page and after you are finished taking notes, you can share the page via Facebook and Twitter.  You can also provide names so that Bounce can label the feedback.  

Students could use Bounce to analyze a website or as a teach you could use the site to provide feedback about a website that you want students to review.  If there is a website with an article, you could provide notes at certain parts of the article you want students to be prepared to discuss, or write about.

My Fake Wall

My Fake Wall provides students and teachers the ability to create a Fake Facebook wall.  Not sure how long this site will remain open before Facebook claims copyright infringement or some other lawsuit.  As much as our students are on Facebook, this would be a great website for a student project.  You can find several sample Fake Walls to show students as an example.

My Fake Wall could be used across the curriculum in various ways.  It would be a neat way for students to create a wall over a math problem or formula.  History teachers could easily incorporate it into a project over a person or event.  Same goes for Science Teachers and English teachers.  The possibilities are endless and once again provides an alternate project idea for students.

Using My Fake Wall does require signing up with an email and a password, this will allow you to save and share the walls that you create.  You will want to check with your district to make sure the site is not blocked as well.  You can see a sample below of Franklin Roosevelt.