Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twitter Tuesday #1

Well, my recent blog post about Twitter being shared on Twitter created quite a buzz about my Blog and I am rather excited about the growth of my blog, my Twitter followers, and my growth professionally since that post (Is that a record for mentioning "Twitter," "blog," and "post" in ONE sentence?)

Well, here is my first official Tuesday Twitter Focus post.  There are quite a few things that I want to touch on relating to Twitter that I have discovered:

The first is a group of teenagers on Twitter that I follow; TechXav.  As their website boast, they are "a group of young and zealous teens, ranging from the age of 11-15."  They provide some great Twitter post relating to all things technology, but at the same time, they have post that relate to Educational Technology.  The kids are from Singapore and the United States...talk about Global Collaboration!  What I like about reading their Blog is that I get a dose of humor, as well as information.  If you don't follow them, or have not seen their website, I recommend doing so.  One recent post is related to Twitter....Flocking.me.  I want to give them credit for showcasing an interesting way to follow your friends on Twitter.  It Flocking.me could be used to help separate your professional and personal followers on Twitter.  I also think these teens are a great example of why we need to promote more technology in the classroom.  Learn about them here.

Since I am fairly new to Twitter, I am sure some of you are as well.  Shared on Twitter recently by some of the people that I follow: Web20Classroom and NMHS_Principal, is the The Twitter Guidebook.  Might be worth checking out to help increase your knowledge about Twitter.

Shared on Twitter by ShellTerrell, a blog post discussing what you might call yourself on Twitter.  A great link in the Blog Post is a way to find your Twitter Birthday.  Let me know when your birthday is and we can throw a party....on Twitter of course.  Mine by the way is October 2nd, 2009.  Be sure to put it on your calendar.  If you want to get me a gift, I am a sucker for Jelly Belly candies...but not the nasty ones like popcorn and licorice.

But the Blog Post in general brings up an interesting point/question.  Do we have titles for Twitter Experts, Novices, or those that distringuish themselves on Twitter because of what they post?  Then I thought, surely there is a Twitter Dictionary....and there is!  Twictionary can help you give yourself a title, maybe someone you follow, or your tweets. 
Maybe we should all create a Twitter Alias based on how we Tweet.  Based on our Twitter Alias we can create a Twitter Assassin game.  You must Tweet the person you are given before they tweet the person they are given....last one standing wins (prize to be determined later.)  Of course I can read the news headline now "Teachers/Educators participate in Twitter Assassin game."

Have fun on Twitter....I sure have been!