Friday, June 3, 2011

Shaq Gets It

I happened to catch the very end of Shaquille O'neal's (not sure if that is correct punctuation) press conference on his retirement.  During the time period questions could be asked by reporters, he was asked about regrets and about being a leader or a follower.  Within this moment he talked about how if he was in school in this day and age he would be valedictorian.   He talked about how he had to go to the library, but kids today can just go to Google and get the answers. 

Shaq gets how Google is changing education, or changing how students can learn, yet those in charge of education have yet to figure out how the Internet is changing education.  Focusing on facts that can be answered with a simple search is not teaching what this generation needs. 

Shaq made a great point, a point many of my fellow educators have been saying the past few years...or S.G. (Since Google)