Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Virsona - Create a Virtual You

On this Christmas Eve Eve if you have not found a gift for someone, why not give a gift that keeps on giving.  Virsona is a website that allows you to create a Virtual You.  What does that mean?  Imagine your great great grandchildren being able to interview you... not read about you, but interview you.  Through the website you can create an account and answer questions, or tell the website about yourself and then provide questions that relate to that information.  You can keep a daily journal entry so there is a timeline of events.  You can also provide your philosophical ideas, political beliefs, religious beliefs, etc.

From a classroom stand point, imagine interviewing Abraham Lincoln and asking him about Slavery or the Gettysburg Address.  Or interviewing any other President.  The website has an educational feature that allows your school or district to pay for an account to create student accounts and then your students could use the site to create virsonas of a historical person as part of a project.

Visit the website, play around for a little bit.  Or go directly and talk to President Lincoln.

Imagine the possibilities if we could get every President, leader, actor, actress, politician, etc. to use this site, then they would never really die and we would also be  able to know where they stand and what they did.