Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Field Trip

Google Field Trip is an iDevice App and Android App that allows users to discover the hidden things around you while you travel around our world.  Field Trip runs in the background of a phone and when a user gets close to something interesting it will notify them.  If a headset or bluetooth is connected, the app will even read the information to the users.  For education purposes, the app will help users learn about the local history and even provide other information like eating options.  The information feeds that users choose will help determine the information that the app provides.  To see a promotional video for the app, see the video below.

Word of currently is quite the drain on the battery according to some reviews.  However, I could see how this app could be utilized for classroom field trips.  

QuestBase - Create Assessments and Polls for Online and Offline

Questbase is a free service that allows users to create quizzes, tests, assessments, exams, surveys, or polls online or to be printed and given by paper.  Quietbase is currently in Beta and is compatible with all browsers, mobile, and desktop services as well.  There is not software to install or configure, just create and take assessments from any computer or device with an Internet connection.  Users can manage online exams, import questions, and mix in several different question types.  Assessments can be published online and embedded into a website.  If assessments are taken online, answers are graded automatically.  Statistics and charts are available as well in order to examine results.  To learn more, check out their features and benefits.  Users can also search for assessments that have already been created.  Users can determine whether to provide a pass code to take an assessment as well.

Remember, the service is still in beta and not all aspects are available, but QuestBase is definitely worth bookmarking.