Friday, April 26, 2013

EntourageBox - Allow Others to Upload to Your Cloud Storage

EntourageBox is a service that allows users of DropBox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 to share their account with friends (or in educators cases fellow teachers or students) so that they can upload files to your cloud storage.  By using EntourageBox you are giving access to others to a public folder within your cloud storage where they can upload files.

Using the service is very simple.  You just choose your cloud storage service, allow EntourageBox to connect with your cloud storage service, and then choose or create a folder that you want others to be able to upload too.  After that, the service will generate an upload URL that you then share.  For security, you can provide a password as well if so desired.  You also can deactivate the URL at any time, so if you wanted to use it for a single upload you could.  The service is completely free.

I could see teachers utilize this service that use Google Drive as a way for students to submit assignments or projects.  Principal's could use it as a method of collecting lesson plans or meeting minutes from committees and departments.  EntourageBox could be very helpful in removing the clutter from emails with attachments.