Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My TeachMeet KY Presentation

From my previous post about Technology Alternatives for the Standard Homework Assignment I will be presenting the following presentation at TeachMeet KY in Bowling Green.  Thought I would share it with my readers.

Weekly Core Subjects Resources

This is my third edition of links/resources related to specific core curriculum.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to sustain this, but week after week I find something new that I can share with others.  Hope you find one useful.

I have two this week for Science.  Scale of the Universe is an interesting interactive that allows you to see how big the universe is and how small we are.  I highly recommend sharing with students.  There is some background music, so you might want to have speakers on mute.  The second resource is Encyclopedia of Earth.  A great resource for geography and biology classes.  You can search for articles by subject and also find resources for educators as well.  If you are really motivated, you can become a contributor to the site as well.

Social Studies
The Supreme Court by PBS is an interactive website available for teachers to have a better understanding of the Supreme.  On the site you can find videos, games, time-lines, and lesson plans.  Another neat feature is that you can create a log-in and guess how the court will decide on this seasons cases.  This would be a great site for both Civics and U.S. History. 

Write for Ten is a website for free-writing.  The idea is to get people to just write for ten minutes and then share that on the web page.  The other idea is to help you work on a long document by writing on it for ten minutes at a time.  You will have to create an account to participate, but even if you don't, the concept of writing for ten minutes would be a great addition to the classroom.  This site might help foster some ideas.

The following is a site that has several Math Interactives that could be used with an Airliner or SMARTBoard.  "This multimedia resource includes interactive math activities, print activities, learning strategies, and videos that illustrate how math is used in everyday life. The resource addresses the following mathematics topics: Fractions; Integers; Percentages; Rate/Ratio/Proportion; Square Roots; Exponents; Patterns; Algebra; Linear Equations; Polynomials; Angles; Circles; Surface Area and Volume; Area and Perimeter; Triangles; Pythagoras; Trigonometry; Similarity and Congruence; Transformations; Shape Classification; Data Display and Graphs; Central Tendency and Distribution; and Probability."