Monday, June 20, 2011

Tricider - Brainstorming and Decision Making

Tricider is a website dedicated to assisting users in brainstorming and voting on topics.  Teachers could easily use this with students to take a poll or challenge students to brainstorm ideas for projects or public speakers.  The great thing about Tricider is that no registration is required to use the website.  You ask the question and then send the link to students by email, Twitter, or Facebook.  People can propose a solution or provide arguments for an idea.  As moderator, the user has complete control over what is discussed.  At the conclusion, people vote for the best idea.  Students could also use this when working on group projects as well.  Tricider is an interesting concept that could have multiple purposes in education.


Bundlr is another option for organizing and sharing content from the web.  There are several options out there that I have shared in the past.  Bundlr allows users to sign in using either a Facebook or Twitter account.  Bundlr could be used by teachers to organize websites that they want their students to use for research or to share in class covering a specific topic.  It could also be used to collect current events stories for the purpose of gathering different views. 

Tout - Video Twitter

If you paid any attention to the Shaquille O'Neal retirement you probably heard about a website called Tout.  The concept is pretty simple.  It is basically a Twitter for sharing short video clips.  People follow your Tout account and you can record videos.  This would be a great way for teachers to visually share homework assignments or explain concepts.  You could use this service to record field trips or classroom activities as well and invite parents to follow the account as well.  You can also connect Tout to your Twitter and Facebook account.  Tout is available as an app for Apply products as well.  For more information, watch this short video about the service. 

Use Tout and Record Life's Moments


Pegby is a website that allows users to create a "pegboard" for you to use to help you "get things done."  Since the board is collaborative you can assign "cards" to people that you have shared your pegboard with.  You can stack your cards, push them to a certain date, style them, and several other features.  Pegby is another option for teachers to use with students working on group projects to help them stay organized and make sure that aspects of the project are getting done.

Here is a video highlighting several of the most important features.

Pegby in Two Minutes from Pegby on Vimeo.