Saturday, December 15, 2012

Apps for the 12 Days of Christmas - Cubby

Cubby, like its predecessors is a service that provides users storage in the clouds.  The service, created by Log Me In, does have potential to be another option for users looking for space to store documents in the cloud (At this point, it would seem one could have a cloud storage service for the various types of files they have; music, video, pdf, office, etc.).  Cubby currently offers 5GB for free, with the option of getting as much as 25 GB by receiving a 1 GB increase for each referral to the website with zero stipulations.  To see a comparison with other services, see the image capture below.

Cubby offers uses the ability to have a desktop, iOS, and Android App to help with the syncing of files across devices.  You can turn any folder into a cubby by dragging and dropping it, or right-clicking it (PC).  Like other cloud storage services, users also have the ability to share their folders and files with other users.  An extra level of security allows you to lock your folders as well.  To learn more, see their blog for more information.

When you use Cubby, you get unlimited versioning, so you can go as far back in time as necessary to find the file you need.  This feature can come in handy with so many different cloud storage options.

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