Monday, May 13, 2013

Star Wars Crawl Creator

While reading through my I came across the Star Wars Crawl Creator on the Whiteboard Blog and was immediately intrigued because I am a big Star Wars fan.  I immediately thought how this could be a cool way to introduce a lesson or an activity for the day.  You could even type in your agenda and share it with your students.  Of course over time this would be "just another tool," but as often as you can change up the monotony of a classroom, the better.

Students could also utilize this tool as well.
1.) Define vocabulary
2.) Introduce a topic in a project
3.) Summarize a short story, movie, or unit of content.

To utilize the Star Wars Crawl Creator, you just edit the title, subtitle, and body.  You can then preview what it looks like and share it by using a link or embedding it on a webpage or other presentation tool.  By email or if you use Facebook and Twitter in your classroom you can share it that way.  Helpful for students that are absent.

You can see a sample below of this blog post.