Friday, March 1, 2013

Search Google, Bing, and More at the Same Time

Most people are Google users.  Some might be Bing users.  Others probably are still with Yahoo!  Then we all know someone who had some toolbar installed on their Internet Explorer that they use to search and they don't realize how bad it is.  Luckily there is an answer for those of us that prefer to search Google, Bing, and Yahoo! at the same time.

Specra is a search engine that searches all three at the same time and allows users to actually weight a search engines results higher than another.  The search is completed by ranking them according to a simple algorithm.

Askboth provides a side by side comparison of the search results while also providing most recent references on Twitter.

Bing vs. Google also provides a side by side comparison, but as two windows sharing the various results found on the page.  This allows users to interact with their searches in one place.

Qrobe is a final option that allows users to complete a search of both Google and Bing, as well as Ask.  Users can peek at the linked search results or open them in a separate window, as well as share them through various social media services.  Users can remove a search engine if they prefer.  The "Popular" option allows users to discover their searches on Reddit.

Source: Make Use Of

Practical Ed Tech Webinars

Richard Byrne is the author of Free Technology for Teachers, iPad Apps for School, and Android for Schools.  He is currently providing Practical Ed Tech for Teachers through Professional Development webinars.  Current Webinars focus on Google Drive and using Google Earth and Google Maps in Geography.  A future course will focus on Blogs in Education and Google Apps.  If you are looking for school wide options, then a Custom Webinar might be what best suits your needs.  The current costs of the webinars are $87.00 dollars, which when you factor in the cost of travel, room, and food, this is a pretty good deal and you will know that you are getting applicable information.  

Padlet Streams

If you have read this blog recently then you know that I am a big fan of Wallwisher/Padlet and with their recent change in name and domain, new features are being added at a pretty good pace.  A new feature recently added is called Streams.  It allows users to use a new layout that give the page and the posts more structure.  All posts in a stream are arranged one below the other in chronological order.  Students could use this new layout to write blog posts, prepare presentations, have group discussions, write collaborative stories, explain steps in an experiment or math problem.  Each individual post can also be shared through various social media sites as well; this way when a student completes their section, they can share it and the next student will know it is their turn.

To access the streams layout, see the image below.