Monday, November 8, 2010

Removal of a Blog Post

I recently, as in yesterday, did a blog post about the website  I have removed that post after being contacted on Twitter by one of the co-founders of Poll Everywhere.  He respectfully pointed out the blatant copying and plagiarism of the Poll Everywhere content.  Even the plans were eerily similar, not to mention format and several other things.  I am not one for supporting copied content.  The only difference between the software that I noticed was the ability to post responses to polls on Twitter.

I know that there are several other sites out there that have similar concepts, but the similarities between these two sites is scary.  My initial thought was that maybe was the work of Poll Everywhere and they were wanting a different server, but I was informed that was not the case.  I felt it was only appropriate to remove my blog post.

This incident once again shows the power of Twitter.  I would not have known that Poll Everywhere was upset by this copying of material if the co-founder had not contacted me.  Please be aware of this situation and support Poll Everywhere.