Thursday, January 26, 2012

Museum of Obsolete Objects

A Video Channel on YouTube is the Museum of Obsolete Objects which provides videos of objects we no longer use or that have become extremely out of date, like cassette tapes, and simple calculators.  You will also find objects that are not obsolete, but that have been improved but still might be used, like a light bulb or Morse Code.  In the "museum" you simply choose an object and it will show a video of it.  It is kind of funny to see all these old and "great" technologies that we are no longer using.

At the same time, you can also submit your own videos.  This would be a great project idea for technology education courses or even several practical living classrooms. 

A sample video is shown below.


Something a little different.  For those of you that keep a Facebook page for your classroom or a Twitter feed, uWhisp is a site currently in Beta that allows you to record audio of yourself that can then be played back within the web browser.  It currently requires Google Chrome for plug-in that needs to be installed in your browser.  The plug-in also places a button in the text boxes of the social networks that you use.

uWhisp is really new that some of the links on the main page are not up and running yet, but I wanted to share what could be a look into the future of how we use Social Media to actually be vocally social.

You can watch the short video below to see how it works.


Let's face it.; graduation is just around the corner for hundreds of thousands of Seniors and the cost of going to college is not getting cheaper (In fact, my graduate courses have gone from $500 in 2001, to $1350 in 2011).  ScholarPRO is a website that touts itself as a better way to find and apply for scholarships. 

First thing users do is fill out an informational sheet where students tell a little about themselves.  Once the website has that information, they will review potential scholarships that match the information you provided.  Students will then be able to apply for the scholarships online.  ScholarPRO will manage your essays, recommendations, and transcripts, which makes applying to multiple scholarships very easy.

With all the information that students will be providing it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that students take a look at the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  You can learn more about their website and services HERE.  You can also read more about the website at TechCrunch


ThinkBinder is a web service that allows users, or more specifically students, to create a Study Group online. With the services, students can Discuss topics related to what they are studying.  Students can also share videos, links, and other artifacts that would be useful to what they are studying.  There is also a chat feature that has both text and video as a option.  ThinkBinder also includes a collaborative Whiteboard to work on problems together.  If you have files that go along with what you are studying, you can easily organize them in the cloud.

When you create your study group (For Free) you will be given a group code that you can provide to friends and members of your study group.  This is how the group gets created.  With all web based services, it would be a good idea to check out the Terms and Privacy Policy of ThinkBinder as well.  Below is a short introduction video about the service that showcases some of the features. 

Meet ThinkBinder from ThinkBinder on Vimeo.