Thursday, January 26, 2012


Let's face it.; graduation is just around the corner for hundreds of thousands of Seniors and the cost of going to college is not getting cheaper (In fact, my graduate courses have gone from $500 in 2001, to $1350 in 2011).  ScholarPRO is a website that touts itself as a better way to find and apply for scholarships. 

First thing users do is fill out an informational sheet where students tell a little about themselves.  Once the website has that information, they will review potential scholarships that match the information you provided.  Students will then be able to apply for the scholarships online.  ScholarPRO will manage your essays, recommendations, and transcripts, which makes applying to multiple scholarships very easy.

With all the information that students will be providing it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that students take a look at the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  You can learn more about their website and services HERE.  You can also read more about the website at TechCrunch

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