Monday, January 18, 2010

Must See Monday #3 - Teacher Reboot Camp

Teacher Reboot Camp is a blog and the work of Shelly Terrell.  What I like most about the blog is the interaction that takes place within her post.  You can definitely tell that she spends a lot of time thinking of what she wants to use her blog for.  Shelly Terrell is one of the co-founders of the #edchat on Twitter.  Every Sunday a poll is provided for educators on Twitter to vote on a topic they would like to talk about via Twitter.  Then on Tuesday, the winning topic from the poll is discussed via Twitter two times during the day.  12pm and 7pm EST.  The 12pm time is for our friends overseas in Europe.  The 7pm time is for people in the United States.  I rarely get a chance to participate because of my schedule, but reading the tweets later is still very valuable.  If interested just search for the #edchat hashtag on Sunday and Tuesday.

One aspect of Ms. Terrell's blog is her 30 Goals; A grand idea.  Everyday or so a new goal for visitors to her blog to complete.  It is a great way for those new to the blogging landscape to participate and start the journey to blogging.  It also is a great tool for self evaluation.  Instead of trying to think of a New Years Resolution, she has provided 30 for you!  30 Goals is not just for those that are new to blogging either. It is a great way for experienced bloggers to share their experiences and expertise.

I highly recommend visiting her site and attempting as many of the 30 goals as possible as well as searching through her blog and seeing what useful information is available for you to use.  The blog is organized in a manner that is easy to follow as well as read.