Thursday, February 3, 2011


EmbedPlus is a website that takes watching YouTube videos to the next level.  Using the EmbedPlus software, when you embed a video you have several options that you can include to make watching that video online interactive.  Here are some of the features that you can add:

- Scene Skipping - Like DVD chapter buttons, use the wizard to mark notable parts like game highlights, changing performers, and lecture sections.
- Movable Zoom - Dynamically magnifies the area you point over. Use it to get a close look at objects, writing, and things like moving athletes.
- Slow Motion On-Demand - Instantly watch videos at a slower rate to more clearly see what happens.
- Real-time Reflections -Add a discussion to your video
- Third Party Annotations - You can add your own annotations to the video

Using EmbedPlus is as easy as copying and pasting a URL from YouTube.  From there choose your size, Start time, and Scene Markers.  You then choose your annotations and then are provided the code and URL.  See a sample video below.


Quicklyst is a website that allows user to easily take notes.  It looks and has a similar feel as another note taking web-based app WorkFlowy, but it has more features..  The application requires no registration or login to get started, although that is still an option so that you can save notes for the future.

Quicklyst provides you with instant access to the most popular Internet sources, including Wikipedia and the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  Quicklyst makes it easy to organize your notes into study guides for upcoming exams. You can even search your notes for a specific topic or subject.  Quicklyst allows you to study with an Amazon Kindle device, printable study guides, and a smartphone or tablet computer


Cramberry helps you study with online flash cards, similar to Quizlet. Students can make cards on Cramberry, or choose from our catalog of free public flash cards. The difference is that when you study, Cramberry analyzes your progress using an algorithm and presents those cards at intervals for maximum retention.

Signing up for an account is free and simple.  The interface is also simple to use as well.  If students don't feel like making a list, they can search the public library and find a list of vocabulary for the words that they are needing to study. 

Another benefit of Cramberry is that it also has an iPhone and iPad app so that you can take your studying with you.   


Writeboard is a shareable, web-based text document that let you save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes.  You can use Writeboard in a solo effort or in a collaborative effort.  For each Writeboard you provide a name, a password, and your email address.

When you write something you can share it, revise it, compare it, and then store it in a virtual backpack to help keep them organized.  The software allows you to click various versions via a check-box and then you are able to make comparison between the versions and see what has changed.  You can subscribe to a document's RSS feed so that you can be notified when changes are made. 


"Web-Chops is a fun and easy way to collect, organize and share any content found on the web. With web-chops you can save "chops" from web pages to your own custom topic pages. Instead of loosing your way through hundreds of meaningless links on your favourite list, why not create your own custom pages containing the content itself, be it text, video clips, audio, flash applications and forms. The clipped content looks and behaves exactly as it does on the original page. Here are some examples of how Web-Chops can make your life easier:"
- Collect Videos and then store them in one place
- Research Products/Subjects and then create a page for them
- Conduct textual searches through your own topic pages so that finding the right topic page is as easy as a couple of clicks.
- Share your chops with students so that they only get relevant information
- Collect search forms from different websites
The Web-Chop tool can be downloaded for both Internet Explorer and Firefox and it will create a toolbar application in your browser. 

Digigogy - A New Digital Pedagogy

Digigogy - A New Digital Pedagogy is "dedicated to the development of 21st Century Fluencies within a strong pedagogical framework to enhance professional practice and to ultimately do what is in the best interest of students.  This certainly includes a multitude of cutting edge technologies, with an emphasis on collaboration, conversation, critical thinking, and global connectivity."

On their site they have reposted 100 Online Videos That Will Make You a Better Teacher.  The categories of the videos are: 

Creative Learning Environments
Information for New Teachers
Information for All Teachers
Teaching Specific Subjects
Special Needs
Physical Education and Health Education
Lectures From Intellectual Professors

After checking out the videos, I suggest spending some time on this site.  There are several valuable resources for all teachers as it relates to developing a sound pedagogy while examining the digital impacts on education.