Thursday, February 3, 2011


"Web-Chops is a fun and easy way to collect, organize and share any content found on the web. With web-chops you can save "chops" from web pages to your own custom topic pages. Instead of loosing your way through hundreds of meaningless links on your favourite list, why not create your own custom pages containing the content itself, be it text, video clips, audio, flash applications and forms. The clipped content looks and behaves exactly as it does on the original page. Here are some examples of how Web-Chops can make your life easier:"
- Collect Videos and then store them in one place
- Research Products/Subjects and then create a page for them
- Conduct textual searches through your own topic pages so that finding the right topic page is as easy as a couple of clicks.
- Share your chops with students so that they only get relevant information
- Collect search forms from different websites
The Web-Chop tool can be downloaded for both Internet Explorer and Firefox and it will create a toolbar application in your browser. 

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  1. Nice! This would be useful for students who are collecting research/data so that they can go back to exactly the portions they need.