Monday, August 16, 2010

Every once in a while you find a site that really makes you say Ooooh and Ahhhh. is one of those sites.  All you have to do is copy and paste a URL of an image and it will upload it to the website.  You can then view the picture full screen and zoom into the image getting a better view of certain areas.

I used to teach the Renaissance and we would always examine the art from that time period.  I would always point out certain aspects of the paintings. would have been a great addition to that curriculum.  If you are ever examining a picture, this site is a must.

You can also embed the utility into a blog or website, as seen below.

TwistyNoodle - For Elementary Teachers

TwistyNoodle is a site that offers FREE coloring pages and Handwriting Practice Worksheets.  This could be a useful site for Elementary teachers especially who might not always have the worksheet they need for a certain activity that they are working on.  You can browse different categories as well as search for s specific type of worksheet.  If you use these types of worksheets, then this site is a must for you to check out.

Web 3.0 Search Engine??? - Kngine

Kngine is claiming to be a Web 3.0 Search engine.  I tested it out, and found the results kind of useful.  Especially searching for people.  It would provide a biography of that person.  If you searched a location it provided a picture as well as a map (which is provided by Google...kind of funny).  

From their own description, Kngine aims to organize the human beings Systematic Knowledge and Experiences and make them accessible to everyone. We aim to collect and organize all objective data, and make it possible and easy to access. Our goal is to build Web 3.0 Web Search Engine on the advances of Web Search Engine, Semantic Web, Data Representation technologies -- a new form of Web Search Engine that will unleash a revolution of new possibilities.

Try it out for yourself....

Print What You Like

I have to thank Kelly Tenkely and her iLearn Technology Blog for sharing this great tool.  Print What You Like is a website that allows you to easily edit a web page so that you can only print what you need from it.  It can really be helpful in reducing printer ink and paper cost because you don't have to print ads that appear on the page.  The web-based interface of Print What You Like is very easy to use and all you have to do is provide the URL address to use the editor.  You can create an account and save the edits that you make as well.

I can see Print What You Like being useful for teachers who require students to submit weekly current event articles, or articles related to a particular subject matter.  It could also be used to easily provide documentation of research for a project to help alleviate plagiarism.  Teachers could also use it to share stories and articles they are using in the classroom as well.