Monday, August 16, 2010

Web 3.0 Search Engine??? - Kngine

Kngine is claiming to be a Web 3.0 Search engine.  I tested it out, and found the results kind of useful.  Especially searching for people.  It would provide a biography of that person.  If you searched a location it provided a picture as well as a map (which is provided by Google...kind of funny).  

From their own description, Kngine aims to organize the human beings Systematic Knowledge and Experiences and make them accessible to everyone. We aim to collect and organize all objective data, and make it possible and easy to access. Our goal is to build Web 3.0 Web Search Engine on the advances of Web Search Engine, Semantic Web, Data Representation technologies -- a new form of Web Search Engine that will unleash a revolution of new possibilities.

Try it out for yourself....

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  1. Interesting, the results I am coming up with aren't that different from what other search engines give me but the people search results are pretty good.