Wednesday, May 4, 2011

College Packing List

Graduation is just around the corner for high school seniors and for many will be the next step of going to college.  Getting ready for college can be a nerve wracking experience, especially for parents.  Sometimes the thought of finally being on your own can be a difficult thought to manage.  How do you know what all you will NEED for your first year??  I remember packing and going to college and realizing I was missing a lot of a phone and an alarm clock.  Luckily, there is a website that will help future college students create a College Packing List.

With College Packing List, students will get two list.  One will be what you need to pack and the other will be a shopping list.  The packing list has already customizable items that the site thinks you will need.  You can easily save, print, and share your list with family and friends through Facebook and other avenues.  If something is not on the list that you are packing or shopping for you can easily add it.  An additional feature is the ability to search Slugbooks for used and new college textbooks.

If you teach seniors, share this website with them and their parents.  I recommend sharing the link with your guidance counselor's as well.