Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twitter Tuesday #9 - Top 20+ From the Weekend.

What a busy weekend.  Not really for me, but on Twitter.  I got a lot of great resources as well as articles about the "NCLB 2.0" as it is being called, or The Obama's Administration plan for Education.

1.) I am working on a Wiki for Facebook in Education and was shared a blog post by Tomorrow's Tech in Today's Schools about using a Facebook Template as part of a project in Power Point.  I know we hate Power Point, but it completely changes how it is used.  Check it out.  Great idea!

2.) Education Reform Policy Articles and Links:
3.) A collection of Online Videos, Lessons, Games, and Quizzes: NeoK12

4.) From Shelly Terrell, a great video and resource for explaining the purpose of a PLN and Networking.  Also the creation of a Wiki about Networking.  Worth visiting if contemplating working to create your own PLN.

5.) From a YouTube search, a great list of Smart Notebook Video Tutorials

6.) A new craze are inforgraphics.  Here is 35 Great Social Media Infographics and The State of the Internet video.

7.) Two Reasons for Teaching Facebook in Schools.  I am contemplating a video of some kind with my students about value and safety of Facebook.  This might come in handy.

8.) iPod Touch/iPhone Apps for students.  Pretty nice list.

9.) Larry Ferlazzo wants to help a Blogger and Twitterer reach a larger Audience.  Nominate a Blog or Twitterer HERE.

10.) ZuiTube - Great videos for kids.

11.) KySTE attendees who are on Twitter.  Supporting my fellow Kentuckians on the Twitterverse and others.

12.) Educators Sharing Resources on Diigo - A GREAT group to join.

13.) Evaluating Websites - A great list of references.

14.) U.S. to Roll out Major Broadband Policy  - From Yahoo!  You can also visit Broadband.gov

15.) Google Earth in Education Resources

16.) TxtBlaster - Similiar to my post about texting students using your email.  This is online.

17.) Amazing Web 2.0 Projects - A Book!!  PDF

18.) In case you have not seen this, Teachers on Twitter - A Wiki.  Browse by subject matter.  Also a list of educators who share resources.

19.) ScribbleMaps - Draw on Google Maps - Interesting.

20.) 92 Videos That Will Make You Go: Huh, Whoa, Wow, Ahhh and Ha-Ha - Great list...must find time to look at them.

And finally, a picture is worth 1000 words.  Here is how so many in education feel today with the changes to education policy.  Where does responsibilty for failing schools REALLY fall??