Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twitter Tuesday #9 - Top 20+ From the Weekend.

What a busy weekend.  Not really for me, but on Twitter.  I got a lot of great resources as well as articles about the "NCLB 2.0" as it is being called, or The Obama's Administration plan for Education.

1.) I am working on a Wiki for Facebook in Education and was shared a blog post by Tomorrow's Tech in Today's Schools about using a Facebook Template as part of a project in Power Point.  I know we hate Power Point, but it completely changes how it is used.  Check it out.  Great idea!

2.) Education Reform Policy Articles and Links:
3.) A collection of Online Videos, Lessons, Games, and Quizzes: NeoK12

4.) From Shelly Terrell, a great video and resource for explaining the purpose of a PLN and Networking.  Also the creation of a Wiki about Networking.  Worth visiting if contemplating working to create your own PLN.

5.) From a YouTube search, a great list of Smart Notebook Video Tutorials

6.) A new craze are inforgraphics.  Here is 35 Great Social Media Infographics and The State of the Internet video.

7.) Two Reasons for Teaching Facebook in Schools.  I am contemplating a video of some kind with my students about value and safety of Facebook.  This might come in handy.

8.) iPod Touch/iPhone Apps for students.  Pretty nice list.

9.) Larry Ferlazzo wants to help a Blogger and Twitterer reach a larger Audience.  Nominate a Blog or Twitterer HERE.

10.) ZuiTube - Great videos for kids.

11.) KySTE attendees who are on Twitter.  Supporting my fellow Kentuckians on the Twitterverse and others.

12.) Educators Sharing Resources on Diigo - A GREAT group to join.

13.) Evaluating Websites - A great list of references.

14.) U.S. to Roll out Major Broadband Policy  - From Yahoo!  You can also visit Broadband.gov

15.) Google Earth in Education Resources

16.) TxtBlaster - Similiar to my post about texting students using your email.  This is online.

17.) Amazing Web 2.0 Projects - A Book!!  PDF

18.) In case you have not seen this, Teachers on Twitter - A Wiki.  Browse by subject matter.  Also a list of educators who share resources.

19.) ScribbleMaps - Draw on Google Maps - Interesting.

20.) 92 Videos That Will Make You Go: Huh, Whoa, Wow, Ahhh and Ha-Ha - Great list...must find time to look at them.

And finally, a picture is worth 1000 words.  Here is how so many in education feel today with the changes to education policy.  Where does responsibilty for failing schools REALLY fall??


  1. Great cartoon, pretty much sums up the way the Bill Mahr responded to the mass teacher firings.
    Thank you for collecting the best of Twitter, I had missed a few of these.

  2. I always look forward to your Twitter updates! It's so hard to find time to take in all of the excellent tips that fly by on my Twitter feed -- thank you for doing a great job of summing up all the best ones!