Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Search Engines GALORE!

Google has been the dominating search engine for several years in and out of education.  Google is not the only search engine and we all know that.  Several tools are available that make searching not just Google but all the other search engines at the same time.  The following post will showcase those search engines as well as some other video and image search engines.

Boounce is a search engine/add-on for Firefox that allows users to easily "bounce" from one search engine to another. Boounce includes tradition search engines, vertical search engines, and site-specific search engines.  See the video below for more information.

Dagadop is a search engine dedicated to allowing users to search through YouTube videos easily.  One the left the video will display and on the right are the videos related to your search.  No need to leave a page to watch a different video from your search.  You can create an account and this will allow you to add favorites and create playlist as well.

PicsLikeThat is a website for searching similar images.  The images load on a canvas that you can easily view and click on to zoom in and see.  When you find a picture that you are looking for, you double click on that image and it will find any picture containing similar images.  See a video below for how it works.

Quotecoil is a search engine for discovering quotes.  You can search by full quotes, authors, or keywords.  If you like your kids to journal and respond to quotes, this would be a great site to use.

Oolone is a visual search engine.  Type in what you are searching for and this search engine will provide screenshots of each webpage that represents your search.  There are 6 webpages per "slide," because the format puts the search results in a slide show format.  Very useful for visual learners.  If an image is not available, it provides their logo on the screenshot.

Sperse searches Google, Yahoo and Bing along with its own database and filters for duplicate results returning more comprehensive, relevant and fast results to the users. Sperse provides several search options to its users, some may include the ability to search Images, Videos, News, Shopping, Blogs, Dictionary, Forums, Wikipedia, PDF File extensions and many more.  Users will also be able to optionally streamline their selections through Sperse's ability to offer color images displayed in conjunction with the selected results.

Photo Pin is a website that allows bloggers to easily search for free images that they can use on blogs.  This would be a great website for students who are writing blogs.

FrazeIt is a website that provides users the ability to search for phrases that will help them in their writing.  Great for those writers that struggle putting on paper what they want to convey.
  • More than 100M phrases indexed, all coming from top news writers.
  • 6 languages supported.
  • Words & phrases suggestions.
  • Filter by form,zone or context.
  • Regular expressions: fill*,fi?l,etc.
  • Context,translate and define capabilities for each search result.
  • Famous quotes search by Author,Occupation,Religion and more.