Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I know we are all fans of Animoto and many of us use PhotoPeach, well now there is another option.  Flixtime allows you to upload photos, video, and add text, then choose a tune and you are ready to share your film.  It claims 3 quick steps and 3 minutes.  You can create 60 second videos for free.  It appears that it also takes care of all the transitions for you as well.  I did not see an option for education, so if it is going to compete with Animoto for Education, they are going to have to provide an option.  For more information I suggest that you watch the Demo video on the front page.  Sign up is easy and no email verification is required.

Once you create an account and start creating a new video, you can Add a Cover, Insert a Title, Description, and choose the resolution.  You can upload your own photos, or even choose some from their database (a feature other sites do not have).  Text is limited on each photo and will only go between photos, not directly on them.  You get a Main Title and a Sub Title.  It is fairly easy to organize your film.  A Negative is that in the time it took me to write this paragraph, a photo never loaded...so it seems kind of slow.  Could be the firewall at my school though.

Try it out for yourself.

Twitter Tuesday #7 - A Collection of Tweets

Let me start off today's post by saying that there was a lot of great education chat today via #edchat on Twitter.  If you are available at 7pm EST tonight, I suggest that you join in on the fun.  Topic focuses on the changes in 21st Century Education and 20th Century Education.  While sick I saved a collection of Tweets with valuable resources and information.  I use Instapaper to save Tweets.  It is also available on the iPhone.

1.) I am really interetsed in getting students to use Wiki's at my school...still waiting on a policy for them, but when that time comes, here is a great collection of resources for using Wiki's in the classroom.

2.) Comics in the Classroom - 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources!  I am really big on Comics and the kids love them.  Highly recommend checking this site out.

3.) From the Teacher Reboot Camp - 12 Word Cloud Resources...Something other than Wordle.  She beat me to the punch.  Planned on this for a Friday post, but why reinvent the wheel!

4.) A Huge selection of Web 2.0 resources and blog posts about each one.  Farr-Out Links to Learning.

5.) Posterize Anything - Blockposters is a site to turn anything into a wall poster for free!

6.) Want to increase fiber optic cables in your community or city?  Nomiate your community and see if Google chooses you!

7.) Here is a great social network for art teachers who are wondering how to implement Web 2.0 in their classrooms.

8.) Great list of Web 2.0 resources with screen shots of each webpage.  Addictive Tech Crisps for Education

9.) Colabopad - Interesting new Collaborative Writing Pad - Worth playing around on.

10.) Summer Workation - A place for teachers to find work during the summer.  I know I could always use some extra money.

And just for Fun...Learn Something Every Day.