Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I know we are all fans of Animoto and many of us use PhotoPeach, well now there is another option.  Flixtime allows you to upload photos, video, and add text, then choose a tune and you are ready to share your film.  It claims 3 quick steps and 3 minutes.  You can create 60 second videos for free.  It appears that it also takes care of all the transitions for you as well.  I did not see an option for education, so if it is going to compete with Animoto for Education, they are going to have to provide an option.  For more information I suggest that you watch the Demo video on the front page.  Sign up is easy and no email verification is required.

Once you create an account and start creating a new video, you can Add a Cover, Insert a Title, Description, and choose the resolution.  You can upload your own photos, or even choose some from their database (a feature other sites do not have).  Text is limited on each photo and will only go between photos, not directly on them.  You get a Main Title and a Sub Title.  It is fairly easy to organize your film.  A Negative is that in the time it took me to write this paragraph, a photo never loaded...so it seems kind of slow.  Could be the firewall at my school though.

Try it out for yourself.


  1. Very cool! I like that students don't have to have an email address to sign up (that is a huge stumbling block with some tools). Another great option! It isn't being blocked by our firewall (hooray!). Hopefully they will get on board with Animoto and add an educator account option.