Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Found In My Feedly

With Google Reader getting ready to be gone for good I have permanently switched the blogs I follow over to Feedly.  I hope to regularly bring you some of the great information shared across the web from other blogs that I follow.  Here are some from this week.

1.) 50 Digital Storytelling Websites and Apps from the Technology Tidbits Blog.  The list is available in alphabetical order which makes it easy to discover sites and apps that you might not be familiar with.

2.) Dealing with Dashboard Decisions - I don't really use them myself, but homepages that mimic a dashboard look are popular for many people.  This post provides a great list of options.  From The Never Ending Search Blog.

3.) The Bammy! Awards - An Award honoring the Education Community from A - Z.  You can find the nominees HERE.

4.) 89 Cool Sites, Apps, and Tools for Teachers from the Cool Cat Teacher Blog has a great list for teachers looking to integrate technology into the classroom.

5.) 21 Reasons to Stop Saying 21st Century Teacher from the Free Technology for Teachers Blog makes a great case for removing this terminology from describing teachers.  I wrote two eBooks called "Tools for the 21st Century Teacher" (1st Edition and 2nd Edition) and looking back, a more proper name probably would have been "Tools for Today's Teachers."  I have to agree with a lot of what Mr. Byrne is saying in this blog post.  We are teachers and this is the 21st century, so naturally we are all 21st century teachers.