Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Using Videos

This came across my Twitter Feed and I felt that it was worth passing along.  The Teacher's Guide to Using Videos is an excellent resource for teachers wanting information about where to find the best videos to use in the classroom.  The guide also helps understand how to evaluate a video, where to find some of the best video creators and curators, and how to get students engaged in using videos in the classroom.  Users will also find resources for videos across the curriculum.

To see the original post about this resource, check out MindShift.  

Writing with Google Docs

While looking through my Google Reader (actually my new Feedly account since they are getting rid of Google Reader) I discovered this blog post on Edutopia.  It was written by Catlin Tucker who is a Google Certified Teacher that teaches 9th and 10th grade English.  My school district does not currently use Google Docs, but we are in the process of integrating the new Office 365 programs which will allow several of the same concepts and ideas mentioned in her blog posts.  I know several of my readers are Google Docs users and thought I would pass along this great information.

The blog posts comes from her presentation at the ISTE Conference.  I appreciate when people blog about their presentations at conferences because MANY teachers do no get the opportunity to attend them and this provides a valuable way to share the ways they are integrating technology or using a strategy in the classroom.  The post also provides how using Google Docs matches with the Common Core State Standards.

I highly recommend checking her post out if looking for ways to use Google Docs for writing.