Tuesday, November 23, 2010


VerbaLearn is a site for students to learn vocabulary.  The site offers several different ways that students can learn vocabulary.  There is a free version and a one time fee Plus version.  When you immediately visit a site you will see resources for ACT, SAT, and GRE vocabulary.  There is also grade level vocabulary and ESL vocabulary.

VerbaLearn allows user to learn vocabulary at their own pace and on their own time.  With the free version you can quiz yourself and participate in standard review, so rather limited.  With the Plus version you do get tons of other options.  You can record MP3's, watch video flashcards, print flashcards, create crossword puzzles, and complete advanced review to learn key terminology. 

VerbaLearn offers teachers and schools the ability to offer the software school wide for $.50 a student as well as classroom licenses.  A great feature is that school and community libraries can sign up for the service and get the pro account free for students.  VerbaLearn is another site attacking the vocabulary aspect of education and offers some features that other sites don't. 

Twitter Chats

One of the aspects of Twitter that took a while for me to understand was the whole use of a hashtag (#) and how it was beneficial to the me.  I kept seeing hashtags attached to peoples tweets and it took me some time to understand how they worked.  I learned that you can see all the tweets that contain a hashtag as well as save a search of a hashtag and come back to it on a regular basis to see the most recent tweets.

With these hashtags come a whole new spectrum.  The ability to "chat" using them.  Just about everyday of the week and at certain times you can join in to chats related to several different topics.  My favorite of course is the #edchat which is every Tuesday at 12 pm and 7pm EST with voting for the topic happening Sunday and Monday.

What other chats are there on Twitter?  I often wondered the same thing.  I know of #elemchat, #cpchat, and #sschat.  What you might not know is that there are actually over 200 chats on Twitter.  There is a great Google Doc spreadsheet that has a Twitter Chat Schedule.  On the schedule you can find the name, description, the founders/moderators, links to more information and to the chat itself, as well as a schedule, and a website if the chat has one. 

If you are new to Twitter, my suggestion is start following some chats related to your interest.  From there you will find people who share similar interest and follow them.  It is truly the best way to get connected with other professionals on Twitter.

Happy Tweeting