Web 2.0 Resources

There are so many wonderful and awesome resources available on the web.  Here you will find links to those resources organized by type and purpose.

Word Clouds
Wordle - Word Clouds
Tagxedo - Word Cloud Creation

Collaboration (Bulletin Board, Whiteboard, and Documents)
Twiddla - Team Whiteboarding
Bubbl.us - Mind Map Creation site
Wallwisher - Online Cork Board
Doc Stoc - Create and Share Documents
Sync In - Document Collaboration
NotaPipe - Real Time Document Collaboration
The Fridge - Similar to Wallwisher 
Write.fm - Easily share text and file
iDroo - Collaborative Whiteboard for Skype
Flock Draw - Collaborative Whiteboard
CoSketch - Online Whiteboard
Writeboard - Collaborative whiteboard with a twist - logs all changes.
Board 800 - Online Whiteboard
CrocoDoc - Online Document Collaboration

File Sharing and File Conversion
Zamzar - File Conversion Site
YouConvertIt - File conversion
DROPitTOme - Securely receive files from DropBox
Box.net - Online File Sharing, management, and collaboration
Ge.tt - Simple File Sharing
AirDropper - Request a file from anyone
Minus - Simple Drag and Drop File Sharing

Digital Storytelling
Animoto - Digital Story Telling
PhotoPeach - Digital Story Telling with making a Quiz feature
Stupeflix - Digital Story Telling
Masher - Digital Story Telling
One True Media - Digital Story Telling
YouTellYou - Digital Story Telling in Magazine Form
Projeqt - Stories through a photo timeline
Kizoa - Online Slideshow Maker

Comic and Cartoon Creation
Chogger - Online Comic Creation
Go Animate for Schools
Xtranormal - Turn text into Cartoons
Comic Master - Online Comic Book Creation
Fuzzwich - Cartoon creation
Toonlet - Simple and easy comic strip creation
Comic Brush - Comic Strip Creation
Make Beliefs Comics - Simple Comic Strip Creation
ToonDoo - Comic Strip and Book Creation

Presentation Tools
SlideShare - A great place to find Power Points
Glogster - Online Poster Board
Ahead - Non-Linear Presentation Creation
Prezi - Non-Linear Presentation Creation
SlideRocket - Think of it as a Web-Based Power Point, but a lot more features
SimpleBooklet - No sign up need - get started creating a digital booklet
PreZentit - Create, share, and show presentations online
280 Slides - Online Slide Presentation creation
Magnoto - A combination of Wallwisher and Glogster
My Fake Wall - Create a fake Facebook Wall

Downloadable Software
Crossword Puzzle Creation - Download
Post-it Notes for your Desktop - Download
Scattrbrain - Download a Desktop Based to do list

Vocabulary and Flashcards
Quizlet - Online Flashcard Creation
Memorize Now - A website to help you Memorize things.
Cramberry - Flashcard creation
Braineos - Online Flashcard Creation
Flashcard Machine - Create, Study, and Share online Flashcards
Wordia - Videos with real life definitions of vocabulary

Photos and Pictures
Fotobabble - Make any photograph talk!
Shape Collage - Take pictures and make them into a collage
FlickrPoet - Insert Text, get pictures to match text
Photovisi - Online Collage creation
Troovi - Photo Sharing website
PicArtia - Create a Photo Mosaic
Picnik - Photo Editing on the Web
Tripline - Share Trips using Photos and more
Drop Event  - Online Photo Sharing
Dr. Pic - Free online Photo editing
Sumo Paint - Online Photo Editing
Wylio - When Google Images is blocked
Drop Gallery - Load, Sort, Save, and Share photos
Yogile - Easy photo sharing

Teacher/Classroom Resources
Online Stopwatch
Virtual Field Trips from Simple K-12
The Plagiarism Checker - You can upload a Word Document as well
One Word - One Word, So Little Time - Great website to fill time with students.
EduTecher - Also available as an iPhone App.
NextUp - Meeting Schedule Timer
Doodle - Easy Scheduling for Teachers
Paper Rater - Help with spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc

URL Shorteners/Organizers/Tools
Link Bunch - Put your links together.
Fur.ly - Link organizer and shortener
Multi URL - Organize and create one link for multiple URL's
Snip.ly - Snip content from a website
BridgeURL - Link organizer and merger
Bounce - Collaborate on a website
WebChop - Chop up web pages

Backchannel Chat
Todays Meet - BackChannel Chat
TypeWithMe - BackChannel Chat
TitanPad - BackChannel Chat
Primary Pad - BackChannel Chat

Charts - Graphs - Diagrams - Lists
Chartle - Make Charts and Graphs online.
ListPhile - Create and Share List
Gliffy - Online Diagram Creation
To Simply Do - Online To Do List
Quicklyst - A website for taking notes
Simple Note - Take notes and sync with iPad
Knowcase - Fast and easy note organizer
Lovely Charts - Simple Chart Creation
Simple Diagrams - Just what it says
Popplet - Mind Map Software
Creately - Online collaborative diagram software

Assessment - Polls - Surveys - Quizzes
Testmoz - A test Generator
ZoHo - Create Online Test
Kwiksurveys - Simple survey creation on the web
OneExtraLap - Social Quizzes
Quizinator - Online quizzes and test
Flisti - Online Poll Creation
Go Poll Go - Free Online Polls
Quiz Snack - Online Quizzes, polls, and surveys
Poll Mo - Simple Polls on the Web
WuFoo - Web Forms and Surveys
Class Marker - Online Quiz Creation
Kwik Surveys - Easy and quick creation of surveys on the web
One Extra Lap - Social Quizzing

Cell Phone - Smart Phone
SCVNGR - A Cell Phone game creation tool
MicroMobs - Real Time Messaging for Groups
Text the Mob - Polling through Cell Phones

Simple Website Creation
Runtly - One Page Website
CopyTaste - Simple Web Page Creation
Page Easy - Simple Web Page Creation
Pen.io - Simple Web Page Creation
Disposable Web Page - Create it and dispose of it
JustPaste.it - Simple web page creation - upload word/PDF documents too.
Jottit - Type it in, create a web page

Video Chat
TokBox - Free Video Chat and Video Messaging
Voxopop - Video Message Boards
Chatterous - Group Chat via email, phone, and web
Skype in the Classroom
TinyChat - Simple video conferencing

AllMyFaves - A great way to see what is the hottest links on the Web...There is even a section for Education.
Farr-Out Links to Learning - Great Web 2.0 Resources.
Stickr - Sticky Notes on the Web
Newspaper Clipping Image Generator
StoryJumper - Publish your own children's book
Creaza - All in One Tool for Digital Story Telling, Cartoon Creation, Audio Editor, and Mindmap tool 
Print What You Like
Teen Chat Decoder - Learn those terms the use on their phones
MeeGenius - Read and follow along to tons of books for kids
Privnote - Send a note that will self destruct after being read

Blogging Tools/Twitter Tools/iPhone Apps
1.) Instapaper - Great for saving webpages and links, especially from Twitter and Twitter Apps on the iPhone.
2.) Embedr - Video Playlist Embedding tool.
3.) Wowzio - Great Widgets for your blog - need to email for permission
4.) EduTecher - Web 2.0 Websites for Education
5.) 21 Classes - Classroom and Education Blogs
6.) 25 Free Essential iPhone Apps for Educators
7.) iPhone Apps Spreadsheet
8.) StickyBits - Tag Your World - Create UPC Code type stickers.
9.) How the iPhone can Help you be a Better Teacher
10.) Top 100 Technology Blog for Teacher

1.) 94 Videos that will make you go Ohh, Ahh, Wow and other sayings.
2.) Learn It In 5 - Tutorial Videos for Learning Web 2.0 Tools in 5 minutes
3.) 6 Recommendations for Using FLIP Video Cameras
4.) 100 Great Tech Talks for Educators
5.) Common Craft - Great explanation of technology and other concepts
6.) TechTrainingWheels - A Site with videos explaining technology tools
7.) CNN Student News
8.) Woopid - Video Tutorials
9.) Next Vista - Learning Videos 
10.) MEEP - YouTube Toolbar for Internet Explorer
11.) Boostcam - Disposable two way video chat
12.) LiveStation - News stations from all over the world
13.) Khan Academy - Tutorial videos for Science and Math
14.) DragonTape - Create online video mix tapes
15.) Jaycut - Online Video Editor
16.) Video2MP3 - YouTube to MP3 converter
17.) Learn It In 5 - Tutorial videos for Web 2.0 Tools
18.) TubeChop - Chop up YouTube Videos and the sections you like.
19.) EmbedPlus - Add various features to YouTube videos
20.) Pixorial - Share videos