Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tripline is a website that allows users to create a trip using photos, links, music, and stories.  Students could create their own stories using pictures they find from the web, or take themselves.  With Tripline users also have the ability to explore previously created trips as well.

I can see Tripline being used in the Geography classroom for students to create a project where they explore a country by having a virtual trip explaining the various cities and cultures within the country.  In history classes, I could see it being used as a way to recreate travels of famous explorers, or the movement of armies in a war.  Here is a great example of Lewis and Clark.

February - Most Popular Posts

Hard to believe that February is over and we are heading into March....the long month for most teachers.  Looking back, February was a long month with snow days, and sickness, and everything else.  Hopefully March brings brighter days, but seeing how February ended with stormy weather, March is not looking to good.

You will notice that I changed the pages at the top of this blog to more adequately make the resources I find available.  There are still several updates that I need to do to those, so it is not current at this moment.

1.) Tools for the 21st Century Teacher: Volume 2 - My eBook that I recently made available featuring several tools for teachers to use with their students. 

2.) Weekly Core Subject Resources: All Together in One Place - I share weekly resources for core subject areas and I recently decided to make them available in a Google Doc, so you can find them when I update them each month.

3.) Digigogy - a Digital Pedagogy - This is a website that I found that promotes the use of digital tools in developing a sound pedagogy. 

4.) iDroo - This is a collaborative whiteboard that integrates with your Skype account.

5.) EmbedPlus - This is a YouTube extension tool that allows you to add various features to a YouTube video.