Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Documentary Heaven

Documentary Heaven is a site dedicated to providing documentary movies for free on the web.  You can search for movies based on several different categories and topics.  These videos are found at other locations and then embedded onto this site. I will warn you that several videos in certain topics might be deemed inappropriate, but that does not take away from the educational value that several hundred of the other videos can provide in your classroom.  My suggestion is that you take a look at the videos for yourself and see which ones you might find useful.

Conjugate Verbs

Conjugation.com is a site where students can learn how to conjugate verbs.  Students can type in a verb and the website will provide affirmative forms, negative forms, interrogative forms, definition and examples, and translations in several different languages.  Conjugation.com is a simple site and could be a great addition to share with students in English classrooms.

Collaborize Classroom

Collaborize Classroom is currently a free software for teachers to create a social network with your students.  You have until October 31st to create your own community (social network) to collaborate with your students in a safe environment.  You can see a video on the main page of a teacher sharing her experience using the software with her students.  Sign up is simple, all the usual information.  Once you decide to join there is a simple wizard that you can go through to setup your network with your students.