Friday, March 29, 2013

Reveal.js - "Cubed" Presentation Tool

Reveal.js or is a new browser based presentation tool that makes presentations in a cubed type format.   Users can create a presentation and then go left, right, up, down and vice versa.  The editing is simple and presentation styles are applied to the slides while being edited so that users know exactly what they are getting.  Presentations can be viewed in any modern browser, including mobile devices.  Themes and transitions allow users to make sure the presentation appears just the way they want them too.  Presentations are private, but can be published and made available to everyone.   Users can also export their presentations for when internet is not available.  The presentations are HTML documents, so if users have HTML experience, they can alter the code using the HTML editor.

Users can sign in using OpenID, Google, Yahoo!, or AOL.  For more information and to see in action, see the video below.

Moku - Your Docs, Your Notes, Your Pals

Moku is currently in beta and requires an invite code to use at this point.  However, the software seems very promising as a note-taking tool and a method of collecting and collaborating on documents all within the browser (IE not included).  All notes and documents are securely stored in the cloud.  With all documents, users can highlight, sketch, and create text-based notes on any document saved in the cloud.  The markups are saved on a transparent layer over the original document, therefore not risking "damaging" any document. Users of Moku have the option to keep documents private or share with others.

Screenbird - Screencasting Tool

Screenbird is another option for users looking for a screen-casting tool.  There is no sign-in required to use the service and when finished with the recording, users can get a private or public link to their video.  Users can record just a part of the screen or the entire screen and even redo parts of the recording if necessary.  With the free (Basic) account users can record 150 minutes of video and the video will expire in 6 months.  The free account does limit collaboration though.  To learn more, see the video tutorial.  If looking for a quick option to screen-cast, this could be an option for you.  

Quotes Cover - Create Quotes Posters

Quotes Cover is currently in beta and allows users to turn quotations of ordinary text into various forms a of typography art picture.  As teachers we often post and use quotes in our classroom.  Making them catch someone's eye might make the quote more memorable.  Users can choose wording from the collections or create your own, choose an editor that allows you to edit for specific purposes, and then tweak the image for an end result.

Users can create an image for a Facebook or Google+ Cover, an eCard, wallpaper, or just for prints.  What you use the quote for will determine the size and other features.  Users can choose your fonts and background colors and then even add other image aspects as well.  Once finished, users can download the image to their computer.  Teachers could utilize this service for their classrooms and students could use it for improving presentations.