Friday, March 29, 2013

Quotes Cover - Create Quotes Posters

Quotes Cover is currently in beta and allows users to turn quotations of ordinary text into various forms a of typography art picture.  As teachers we often post and use quotes in our classroom.  Making them catch someone's eye might make the quote more memorable.  Users can choose wording from the collections or create your own, choose an editor that allows you to edit for specific purposes, and then tweak the image for an end result.

Users can create an image for a Facebook or Google+ Cover, an eCard, wallpaper, or just for prints.  What you use the quote for will determine the size and other features.  Users can choose your fonts and background colors and then even add other image aspects as well.  Once finished, users can download the image to their computer.  Teachers could utilize this service for their classrooms and students could use it for improving presentations.

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