Saturday, December 4, 2010


Juxio, from the term juxtaposition creates a picture and text slide show in a new way.  Juxio is another form of digital storytelling.  With the site you upload photos and then add text to the photos.  In then can be shared, printed, or presented in a slide-show presentation.  The slideshow presentation is a continuous stream that allows the reader to read text as it relates to previous or future images. 

Juxio is also available as an iPhone App which also means that you can import photos from your phone to use in your slide show.  To get a better idea of how Juxio works, check out some featured Juxes and hints on how to use the software.  I did not see anywhere to embed the Juxes; that capability would be very useful because of how the program works.

You can create an account using your Facebook profile, but that does give them your information, otherwise you can create a login or you can start creating Juxes without an account.  Sign up requires name, email and password.