Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wiki Wednesday #1 - Moving Foward

A great Wiki, and probably one of the first websites I found when starting my new position as a Technology Integration Specialist is the Moving Forward Wiki by Dr. Scott McLeod.  "The Moving Forward wiki houses a collection of resources to help presenters and change agents as they help move schools and universities forward into the 21st century."  Dr. Scott McLeod is rather well known in the Education community for his work with the Did You Know; Shift Happens Videos with his partner Mr. Karl Fisch.  If you have not seen them, I highly suggest that you view them.  You can see them at a Wiki I created for Embedding Education Videos, or here, or here, the Shift Happens Wiki.

What I like about the Moving Forward Wiki is the amount of user submitted Blogs (General and Subject Specific), Podcast, Digital Story Telling, Web 2.0 Resources, and Wikis (Many which you will see shared on Wednesday's in the future).  He also has sections on the Wiki dedicated to Parents, Students, Administrators, and Teachers.  The idea behind the Moving Forward Wiki is to gather as many resources related to 21st Century education and store them in one central location.

Another neat feature of the Wiki is a list of Model Schools (United States and World).  These are schools that are modeling themselves to be users 21st Century Education Tools.  Each school is broken down in to different categories based on user submissions.  What schools in your state or country are 21st Century Schools?

You can follow Dr. Scott McLeod and Mr. Karl Fisch on Twitter as well.  Take some time, visit the Moving Forward Wiki, and support its purpose by submitting your own resources.  As a visitor to this blog, and hopefully a visitor to the Moving Forward Wiki, what have you submitted? Or for that matter what can you submit?  If you have submitted or do submit a resource to this Wiki, share with my readers what you shared by commenting on this post and linking to your resource so others know where to find it. I posted my Blog and have had several visitors reach my blog from the Moving Forward Wiki.  What about you?